Green Run is a residential and commercial community covering nearly six square miles in the center of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Built between 1968 and 1986 by Oscar Ferebee Jr., Green Run was the first Planned Unit Development (PUD) built in the South Hampton Roads region and contains 36 neighborhoods, including 4200 single-family homes, townhouses, three condominium projects, and three apartment communities with roughly 900 apartments. Additionally there are several schools and retail establishments within the confines of Green Run PUD.

Green Run was originally planned to have four boroughs that would include single family homes, apartments, schools, retail establishments and recreational amenities. Over time the needs and viability of the plans evolved and changed and today we have a large community with over 16,000 residents. When a property is purchased a in Green Run the buyer is automatically made a member.  Over four thousand individual properties make up GRHA and this allows the annual dues to be some of the lowest for common interest communities in the state. Owners have the member benefit of access to several amenities including three pools, tennis courts, several playgrounds, walking trails, open spaces and a clubhouse.

The Green Run Homes Association is overseen by a board of nine directors that are volunteer owners and/or residents. Three board positions are elected each year by the membership and serve for a three year term. The day to day operations of the Association are administered by an executive director and various staff members. The Association is responsible for operating and maintaining the numerous amenities that are owned by the Association and the collection of monthly dues.

Volunteers are a vital part of the Green Run Community with most events and activities being planned and orchestrated by dedicated owners and residents. We regularly partner with several local groups including Green Run High School, Green Run CommUNITY Leaders, Green Run Elementary, Lynnhaven River NOW and various departments within the City of Virginia Beach with the intended result of bringing residents together to foster fellowship and a strong sense of community.